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The Rain Catcher, short novel for ages 11 and up

The Rain Catcher
$2.99, fiction, for ages 11+

Thirteen-year-old Katy thought she was happy with her life in North Carolina, stargazing on the back porch and camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway with her dad. But when her mom, Liz, invites her to Scotland, Katy realizes how much she’s missed having a mother. Katy meets her wild Aunt Claire, whose boyfriend throws punches first and asks questions later, and without warning, the three women find themselves on a road trip through the Highlands to escape a dark secret that could shake up Katy’s life, and her relationship with Liz, forever.

rockyroad-coverRocky Road
.99 cents, short stories, for ages 18+ 

Rocky Road is a collection of four short, quirky stories set in the South. Brenda prefers the company of her snapping turtle to her husband. Darlene worries about her cross-dressing son. An elderly couple risk their lives on a rickety Ferris wheel. And Sharon realizes that her doctor has changed his (or her) appearance dramatically since her last checkup.

Future Books!
We have lots of plans for future books, including…

  • Grammar and writing guides for kids.
  • Picture books for younger readers (3+ years)
  • More short stories for adult readers

So, stay tuned!


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