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NEW! Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to publish your book but don’t know where to start? Make It Happen: The No-Nonsense Guide to Publishing And Marketing Your Ebook is a quick and accurate go-to guide with all the basics, from choosing between Amazon and Smashwords, to figuring out how to use Twitter to promote your work! $7 paperback. $3.99 ebook.


In The Rain Catcher13-year-old Katy is shocked when her estranged mom invites her to Scotland for the summer. Having lived with her dad in North Carolina since she was three, Katy only knows her mom through postcards and brief phone calls. She travels to Edinburgh and meets her Aunt Claire, learns how to drink hot tea, and ends up on a wild road trip through the Highlands to escape a secret that could shake up their lives forever.  $3.99, middle grade fiction, ages 11+ 

Rocky Road is a collection of four short stories set in the South. Brenda prefers the company of her snapping turtle to her husband. Darlene worries about the color of her aura. Live life on the eccentric side with this affordable and enjoyable quick read!   .99 cents, literary fiction, ages 18+ 

In Up Pops the Devil a teenager travels to Vietnam with her father and finds herself in a pickle. A divorced woman finds love in a kilt. An unhappily married husband thinks he’s “caught” depression. This longer collection of short stories will keep you turning pages to find out what happens to these quirky but relatable characters!  $3.99, literary fiction, ages 18+



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