Become a better creative writer with online classes!

Online creative writing classes at start today, but the first week is orientation, so you still have time to sign up! I know this because I’ve taken classes, and I used to tutor Creative Writing 1, Novel Writing 1, and (formerly) Intro. to Magazine Writing at the Edinburgh-based online school.

The Blue Suitcase
Director Marianne’s  historical novel


If you’re interested in creative writing — whether as a complete beginner or as an experienced writer who just needs a little boost — these are great classes! The tutors are so positive, and the notes and exercises help stretch your brain and get the creative thoughts zooming! Each course is 10 weeks, and you post writing assignments in public folders and comment on each others’ work. Students come from all corners of the globe — India, Scotland, England, Spain, Hong Kong, Dubai…

Anyway, I am still working away on The Rain Catcher and hope to post another snippet soon. Thanks to everyone who reads and supports my blog!


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  1. I have to agree with Louisa, I took the short story writing course with and loved every minute of it. It was hard work for me as I had not written anything for years – actually since childhood! The great thing is that you are supported every step of the way and given lots of positive feedback.
    ( Thank you, Marianne! )I was thrilled with the short stories I wrote as I had started off with fairly low expectations about my ability as a writer. After taking the course- I’m a believer!

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! 🙂 I’ve read your stories and have really enjoyed them! I agree that even folks who think they are “not creative” (in itself a myth — everyone is creative) will come out of the course feeling confident and inspired!

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